26 July 2009

Getting Referrals

Getting Referrals through Downlinerrefs. Which is the most powerful downliner Builder to get referrals for your online Business.

I am getting allot of referrrals through this programme. Following is the procedure to get referrals through this great program.

First of all earn some credits. You can earn credits from two ways.
1:- By Clicking Advertisements.
2:- By joining other members programms.

You can also buy credits, if you don,t want to earn.

Ok when you have some credits in your account, then you can make a requist for referrals. Just offer some credits in "Requist Referrals" area and then wait. If your offer will be attrictive for the other members then he will join your programme.

When some one will join your programm, then you have the following authorities.
1:- You can accept him as your referral, if he is active in your programme.
2:- If he is not active then you can decline him, and the remaining credits will be refund to your account.
3:- You can offer extra credits as a bonus to your referrals, if they are active in your programme.
Allot of more features are also available to you. Just join this Great Downliner Builder and make referrals as much as you can.

06 July 2009

Manage your Referrals

Your existence referrals are very valuable for you. If you get referrals, then manage your referrals in such way that he will never leave you.
Referrals deserve from you, so give some benefits to your referrals.Always keep intrection with your referrals. Send them messages and tell about the benefits if your program. Tell about the features of your program, if possible tell about the tricks and tips. Try to attract your referrals towards your program.
This is difficult job but very important job. Be careful about your referrals because this is the key to success.

28 June 2009

Get Referrals through Exchanging Links (Free Service)

Get Referrals through Exchanging Links
Link exchange is a very good way to get referrals. There are allot of places where you can exchange links with other members for getting referrals.
Link Exchange mean to exchange the link of your PTC with other members PTC link. For Example if you want to get referral for PalmBux, then you have to start a new thread in a forum about "I need Referral for PalmBux"
Any one who have not joined PalmBux yet, will replay to your thread and he or she will join your Plambux but in return he or she will provide link of his PTC site, that will for you to join.
You will join his PTC and he or she will join yours. In this way you both will get active referrals, because if any one(You or your referral) will not active, the other will also not active.
So you have to be active if you want that your referral become active in your PTC, and your referrals will also be active because he also need that you become active in his PTC.
There are allot of forums where you can exchange links with members. The most famous forum are
Allot of more are also available.
In all these forums there will be a section "Referral Exchange" or "Exchange Links here" or "Referrals Deals"
First of all register in these forums and then go to these sections and start your own thread for exchanging links.
Interested user will replay you and will join your PTC.
So enjoy making referrals.and keep visiting because i want to give you referrals. Just follow these steps and you will 100% get free referrals for any program. But still i prefer you to join Downlinerrefs for making referrals, because this is a very very good downliner builder to make referrals.
You can see more details about downlinerrefs here.

27 June 2009

How to Get Referrals through Downlineref

Downlinerref is the most powerful Downliner Builder to get referrals for any program. This is a real Downliner Builder, which is specially build for making Referrals in any program.
It has allot of features.

Make referrals
Buy Referrals
Buy Advertisements
Accept Active Referrals
Decline Bad Referrals
Offer to good referrals.

So how to get referrals through Downlinerrefs.
The Process is simple. First Earn some credits and then offer credits to the members. They will join your Program and will get credits.
Similarly they can then offer they same credits to other members to join his program.

So earn credits, offer credits and get referrals.
If you don't want to earn credits, you can also buy credits.
If you are looking to invest in your program, then buy referrals for your program.
If you get active referrals, give them excess credits, and if your referrals is not active, decline him.
So this is a very good Downiler Builder.
You must join this to get active referrals.

Here you can join this.

24 June 2009

Earn money From Ziddu

Ziddu is a great Pay Per Download program,which pay for downloading files.
Get Paid for Downloading your Files.
When any one will download your File,Picture or any other documents you will be paid $0.001

The Process is very simple, just register with ziddu and then upload files or softwares to your account.
Share the links of the these files in forums and blogs and then get paid for downloading your files.

10000 downloads will give you $10
20000 downloads will give you $20
30000 Downloads will give you $30
40000 Downloads will give you $40
50000 Downloads will give you $50
and so on..
You will be paid $0.001 per download.
There are allot of ways to place your files in such places where people will download your files.

Go to Mobile Softwares forums and then share uploaded files in forums.
Make your own blog or website and then place all of your files there, and increase traffic to your blog. In this way your files will be download by the peoples and you will get paid.

There is also Referral system.

Refer 100 members and get $10
Refer 200 members and get $20
Refer 300 members and get $30
Refer 400 members and get $40
Refer 500 members and get $50
and so on.......
You will be paid $0.10 for one referrals.

There are allot of ways to get referrals.
You can follow my previous articles to get referrals for ziddu.

19 June 2009

Get Referrals Through Target Refs

TargetRef is also a Downliner Builder just like Downlinerfs and Getref.
The same procedure also apply here.

First of all earn some credits or Buy some credits.
Then offer that credits to the members, if they will attract by your offer, they will join your program.

You can earn credits by joining other member's programs. Or if you want not to waste your time by joining others programs, then you can buy some credits and then offer credits to the members and they will join your program.
Downliner Builders are very easy way to get referrals for any program. The important thing is to have allot of credits in your hand.
If you have sufficient credits to offer, then getting referrals is not a difficult job.
The more credits, the more referrals.
Another advantage of Program refs is that you can also advertise your URL or Banner on your credits, this is also a very cheap source of Advertising.


18 June 2009

Get Referrals through Getref

In Previous Articles "How to Get Referrals "Getting Referrals" and "Get Referrals through APSens" i have talk about how to get referrals.
In this article i want to tell you about another Downliner Builder, through which you can get referrals.
The name of this Downliner Builder is "Getref"
Getref is a Downliner Builder through which you can get referrals for any Business. This is very good program, this is just like the previous one.
You can skip to the previous article and read about that Downliner builder.Skip HERE

Just Like that Downliner Builder, you have also to earn credits in this Downliner Builder.


Why do I want to Earn Credits?
You want to Earn Credits because once you get
Credits you can spend them to get other people to join your programs.

Do I have to Earn Credits?
No, you can buy them if you don't wish to earn them
this is a lot quicker and less hassle. Plus if you upgrade to a Gold membership
first you get a 20% discount on all credit purchases.
For more info on buying credits, click the Buy Credits link to the left.

How to earn credits by clicking links
Click the Earn menu button, then on the link in the center of the page
"Earn credits by clicking links." A long list will come up. When you
click on each link, the ad will open in a new window with a timer
at the top. When the timer expires, click on the CREDIT button.
Your account will increase by the amount shown in the middle column.

How to Earn by Joining Programs
Click the Earn menu button, then click the link on the left side of the page that says "Earn credits by joining programs."
Choose a program you would like to join, either from the list at the top “Top 7 Paying Programs to Join”
or from the list of program types below.
If you select the name of the program from the "Top 7 Programs" list you will go directly to that user's join page.
If you do not see a program you wish to join within the "Top 7 Programs" list, then choose a program from the list below.
On the next page, you will see a list of users who are promoting that program. Once you have decided the user you want
to join under, select the name of the program from the second column next to that user's name.
Read the page carefully, ONLY CLICK AGREE IF YOU ARE GOING to join the program.
If you do not join after pressing AGREE, you may get a negative earner's rating.
Even worse, by agreeing to join, and then not joining you are in violation of GetRef.com
Terms Of Service, and you could have your account closed.
If you are going to join, then click the AGREE button.


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