21 May 2009

What is Rent Referral and How to Rent Referrals.

As i have explained that what is referral and how can we get active referrals.
So now i want to tell you that what is rent referrals and how to rent referrals.
As the name indicate that rent means renting any thing, so here in any PTC site you can rent referrals and they will earn money for you.
Different PTC offer different rates for renting referrals.
Like NeoBux offer $0.33 for renting one referral for 30 days.
When you will rent 1 referrals, it will be your's for 30 days. If he or she will click or not, he or she is yours for 30 days.

Techniques for Renting Referrals

1:- Always rent referrals in trusted PTC sits like NeoBux, Bux.gs, and PalmBux etc.......
I have a List of trusted PTC site, where you can choose your PTC and then rent referrals in that PTC. Here is The List

2:- Always watch your rented referrals, that which one is clicking daily and which one is not clicking. If a referral is not clicking for 5 days, or he or she has just clicked 4 or 5 ads in 5 days then recycle that referral.
Recycle:- Recycling mean that if your rented referral is not clicking then you can replace that referral with another.Which will cost you $0.008 in NeoBux.
3:- Rent allot of referrals,if you want to earn some good money. If you rent 5 referrals, then there is the chance of loss. If you rent 100 referrals then there will be allot of profit for you.
In 5 rented referrals, if 1 referral is not clicking on ads, then you are going in loss, but if you have rented 100 referrals and if in these 100 referrals 10 referrals or not clicking on ads, then you have still making profit.

4:- Don't miss to click on ads daily. You must click every day if you want to recive earnings from your referrals. If you will not click today, you will not get earnings from your referral tomorrow.


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