22 May 2009

What is a Referral and how to get referrals

Welcome to the getting referrals world.
Here you will learn some Techniques related to the referrals,like what is a referral and how to get referrals.Specially active referrals and so on.....................
My first topic is that what is a referral and how to get referrals.

Getting active referrals is now very easy. There are a lot of ways through which you can get active referrals. So now there is no need to ask from any one that how to get referrals.
Here are some important ways for you to make active referral.
First Way is Downliner Builder
Referrals are those people who will earn for you.These are the common people, just like me and you.
When you take part in a Business program.I mean that when you register in any online Business website,they provide you a link.Which contain your user name in the end. e.g
www.your-business.com/user name
Just like this.
Every earning programs provide a Referral Link.
So you have to save that link in your computer and then provide this link to your friends.
When your friend will join under your referral link, he or she will become your referral.
And then whatever he or she will earn from that program you will also get some % earning.
It means that if he earn $100 per day, then you will get 50% of $100 that is $50. So in this way you will earn allot of money from any site, if you make allot of referrals in that business.
But the main problem is that how to get active referrals.
Don't worry i have solution for this. I want to share you a Downliner Builder through which you can get Active referrals.
Downliner Builder:- Downliner Builder are those programs, where you can make referrals for your programs, like PTC, PTR, PTS,MLM etc.............

Here i want to share with you a strong Downliner Builder through which you can make Active Referrals.
Bellow is the Detail about this Downliner Builder

Join This Downline Builder Program which is totally different from other and then Make Active referrals.

Here you have 3 options.

1:- Earn Credits by joining others programs.

and then offer that credits to other members.They will join your programm and will make a contract with them for some days.
For example you offer 120 credits for 30 days.Then if a member accept your offer,then these 120 credits will distributed on 30 days.
It means that every day you referral will get 4 credits,so if you notice that your referral is not active in your program.Then you can terminate the contract and then make another offer.
So similarly offer credits,accept users.If they are active, give them extra credits.If he or she is not active, terminate the contract.
When you terminate the contract, then all the remaining credits will be refund to your account.

2:- You can also earn credits by clicking on ads.


3:- If you want to buy credits, then you can buy 800 credits from $5
1000 credits for $7 and 2000 credits for $10.
And then offer these credits for any PTC to the members.

1:- You offer any amount of credits for any amount of days. e.g
You can offer 50 credits for 50 days.
You can offer 50 credits for 3 days,
Or you can offer 1000 credits for 3 days.
It is totally defend on you.
But every one want to offer low credits for maximum days.There is also other members who has also offered credits for the same program for which you has offered.There for your offer must be better then your competitors.
If your competitor has offered 100 credits for 60 days, then you must offer 100 credits for 50 days or 80 credits for 50 days. so that you can attract the members and they join your program.

2:- You can cancel your contract at any stage.
The credits are given to the members randomly, that is that the credits is divide in to the number of contract days.
If you Offer 100 credits for 50 days, then your referral will receive 1 credits every day.If he or she will not active, then you can terminate your contract, and the remaining credits will be refund to your account.

3:- You can also advertise your banner or Link. Prices are very low , that is that the members will get 0.10 per click.
So it means that you can advertise your Link for 100 credits Divide by 0.10 = 1,000 clicks. Or you can advertise your Link for 200 credits, that is 2,000 clicks. And so on.. This is very low price for advertising your Link to the whole Downlinerfs community.

4:- If you buy Premium member ship then you can get the following benefits.
(a) your offer will be shown at the top of the page.
(b) When you purchase credits, you get 25% extra credits.
(c) You will also get 10% discount, that is if you offer 100 credits, you will be charge only 90 credits.
(d) All Unrefereed members will be distribute among all the Premium members.

6 month Premium Member ship = $4
1 Year Premium Members ship = $5

Click on the Banner to join this Greate Downlinerefs for Free and make Active referrals.

This is a great Downline Builder.
when you create a account in this Downliner Builder then visite my blog and see that which PTC site is Trusted and which is not.
Invest your Earnings only in these PTC.
Visite HERE and Choos your PTC sites.

2nd Way is Posting in Forums
The next thing is to post your referral links in GPT forums. Where there is 50,50 chance that you will get active referrals. Because it is depend upon the mood of the visitor, whether to join or not.
But you can get active referral for your PTC,PTR etc.... Just Post your Referral Links in appropriate forum with details and then keep active your thread.
Your Thread will be shown on the Top of the forum, if some one post comment on your Thread.
The most famous GPT Forums are these

1:- Cash Talk
2:- Money Maker Group
3:- Mtalk Pro
4:- Earn Money Space

Post your referral link in all these forum, if possible then find other GPT forums and post your referrals links there.

3rd Way is Exchanging your Referral Links with other members.
This is also a very good way to get active referral for your PTC.
When you join the above forums, then make deals with other members.
They will join your PTC site in exchange of joining his PTC site.
This is a very good way, because he will click for you and you will click for him.
In this way both will get active referrals.
Now there is no need to ask again that how to get referrals.
You have learned it, now start making active referrals and enjoy your earnings.
Keep visiting my blog. There will be allot of good and important information for you.


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