12 June 2009

Getting referrals

In my previews post "How To Get Referrals" i told about a downliner builder through which you can get active referrals for your online business.
In this post i want to tell you that getting referrals is the most difficult thing in online business. You have to surf allot of time to make referrals. The 2 ways which i found to helpful for getting referrals are taking part in forums.
Forums are the most effective way to get referrals. Talk with your friends, explain your business with them, convince them, attract them to join your business. Providing some proofs and guidelines will also helpful to get active referrals.
Most people are interested in joining a program, but they don't know about the procedure, so first thing should be to provide brief explanation of your program. So that he can easily understant and join your program.

An other way which i found is Bukisa
Buskisa is a program, which pay for posting articles. You have to write a article about your program and then publish with tags.
Tags are the keywords, which can be found in the search engines.
The good thing is that when any one will view your article, you will be paid. Yes 1000 veiws will gave you $4.
You can also place the URL of your articles in your Blog or website. Driving traffic to your article will gave you 2 benefits.
1:- You will be get paid.
2:- You will get referrals for your program.
3:- You can also get 35% from your referrals at Bukisa.
So what are you waiting for. Click HERE and register and then post articles.
This is what Bukisa can help in getting referrals. In my next post i am going to tell you another program, through which you can get referrals for your business.
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