24 June 2009

Earn money From Ziddu

Ziddu is a great Pay Per Download program,which pay for downloading files.
Get Paid for Downloading your Files.
When any one will download your File,Picture or any other documents you will be paid $0.001

The Process is very simple, just register with ziddu and then upload files or softwares to your account.
Share the links of the these files in forums and blogs and then get paid for downloading your files.

10000 downloads will give you $10
20000 downloads will give you $20
30000 Downloads will give you $30
40000 Downloads will give you $40
50000 Downloads will give you $50
and so on..
You will be paid $0.001 per download.
There are allot of ways to place your files in such places where people will download your files.

Go to Mobile Softwares forums and then share uploaded files in forums.
Make your own blog or website and then place all of your files there, and increase traffic to your blog. In this way your files will be download by the peoples and you will get paid.

There is also Referral system.

Refer 100 members and get $10
Refer 200 members and get $20
Refer 300 members and get $30
Refer 400 members and get $40
Refer 500 members and get $50
and so on.......
You will be paid $0.10 for one referrals.

There are allot of ways to get referrals.
You can follow my previous articles to get referrals for ziddu.


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