28 June 2009

Get Referrals through Exchanging Links (Free Service)

Get Referrals through Exchanging Links
Link exchange is a very good way to get referrals. There are allot of places where you can exchange links with other members for getting referrals.
Link Exchange mean to exchange the link of your PTC with other members PTC link. For Example if you want to get referral for PalmBux, then you have to start a new thread in a forum about "I need Referral for PalmBux"
Any one who have not joined PalmBux yet, will replay to your thread and he or she will join your Plambux but in return he or she will provide link of his PTC site, that will for you to join.
You will join his PTC and he or she will join yours. In this way you both will get active referrals, because if any one(You or your referral) will not active, the other will also not active.
So you have to be active if you want that your referral become active in your PTC, and your referrals will also be active because he also need that you become active in his PTC.
There are allot of forums where you can exchange links with members. The most famous forum are
Allot of more are also available.
In all these forums there will be a section "Referral Exchange" or "Exchange Links here" or "Referrals Deals"
First of all register in these forums and then go to these sections and start your own thread for exchanging links.
Interested user will replay you and will join your PTC.
So enjoy making referrals.and keep visiting because i want to give you referrals. Just follow these steps and you will 100% get free referrals for any program. But still i prefer you to join Downlinerrefs for making referrals, because this is a very very good downliner builder to make referrals.
You can see more details about downlinerrefs here.


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