19 June 2009

Get Referrals Through Target Refs

TargetRef is also a Downliner Builder just like Downlinerfs and Getref.
The same procedure also apply here.

First of all earn some credits or Buy some credits.
Then offer that credits to the members, if they will attract by your offer, they will join your program.

You can earn credits by joining other member's programs. Or if you want not to waste your time by joining others programs, then you can buy some credits and then offer credits to the members and they will join your program.
Downliner Builders are very easy way to get referrals for any program. The important thing is to have allot of credits in your hand.
If you have sufficient credits to offer, then getting referrals is not a difficult job.
The more credits, the more referrals.
Another advantage of Program refs is that you can also advertise your URL or Banner on your credits, this is also a very cheap source of Advertising.



kaushik June 25, 2009 at 8:14 PM  

i am interested in link exchange with you and in all the blogs , comment in my blog i will add you up, post the urls of all the blogs to me in the comment

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