27 June 2009

How to Get Referrals through Downlineref

Downlinerref is the most powerful Downliner Builder to get referrals for any program. This is a real Downliner Builder, which is specially build for making Referrals in any program.
It has allot of features.

Make referrals
Buy Referrals
Buy Advertisements
Accept Active Referrals
Decline Bad Referrals
Offer to good referrals.

So how to get referrals through Downlinerrefs.
The Process is simple. First Earn some credits and then offer credits to the members. They will join your Program and will get credits.
Similarly they can then offer they same credits to other members to join his program.

So earn credits, offer credits and get referrals.
If you don't want to earn credits, you can also buy credits.
If you are looking to invest in your program, then buy referrals for your program.
If you get active referrals, give them excess credits, and if your referrals is not active, decline him.
So this is a very good Downiler Builder.
You must join this to get active referrals.

Here you can join this.


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