18 June 2009

Get Referrals through Getref

In Previous Articles "How to Get Referrals "Getting Referrals" and "Get Referrals through APSens" i have talk about how to get referrals.
In this article i want to tell you about another Downliner Builder, through which you can get referrals.
The name of this Downliner Builder is "Getref"
Getref is a Downliner Builder through which you can get referrals for any Business. This is very good program, this is just like the previous one.
You can skip to the previous article and read about that Downliner builder.Skip HERE

Just Like that Downliner Builder, you have also to earn credits in this Downliner Builder.


Why do I want to Earn Credits?
You want to Earn Credits because once you get
Credits you can spend them to get other people to join your programs.

Do I have to Earn Credits?
No, you can buy them if you don't wish to earn them
this is a lot quicker and less hassle. Plus if you upgrade to a Gold membership
first you get a 20% discount on all credit purchases.
For more info on buying credits, click the Buy Credits link to the left.

How to earn credits by clicking links
Click the Earn menu button, then on the link in the center of the page
"Earn credits by clicking links." A long list will come up. When you
click on each link, the ad will open in a new window with a timer
at the top. When the timer expires, click on the CREDIT button.
Your account will increase by the amount shown in the middle column.

How to Earn by Joining Programs
Click the Earn menu button, then click the link on the left side of the page that says "Earn credits by joining programs."
Choose a program you would like to join, either from the list at the top “Top 7 Paying Programs to Join”
or from the list of program types below.
If you select the name of the program from the "Top 7 Programs" list you will go directly to that user's join page.
If you do not see a program you wish to join within the "Top 7 Programs" list, then choose a program from the list below.
On the next page, you will see a list of users who are promoting that program. Once you have decided the user you want
to join under, select the name of the program from the second column next to that user's name.
Read the page carefully, ONLY CLICK AGREE IF YOU ARE GOING to join the program.
If you do not join after pressing AGREE, you may get a negative earner's rating.
Even worse, by agreeing to join, and then not joining you are in violation of GetRef.com
Terms Of Service, and you could have your account closed.
If you are going to join, then click the AGREE button.



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